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Gantry & Bridge Cranes

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Adjustable & Fixed Steel Gantry Cranes

Adjustable & Fixed Steel Gantry Cranes

  • Solid steel construction will provide years of service.
  • Large diameter casters will facilitate easy mobility from one workstation to another.
  • Painted Royal Blue. Shipped KD. Hoist and Trolley available. FOB Shipping Point.
  • Adjustable in 6" increments on adjustable models.
  • 4 position 8" swivel casters standard.
  • Designed to be portable. Do not move units while loaded.
*Deduct 10 1/2" for distance between uprights.

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Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Ideal for use in multiple or remote locations. These units are unaffected by weather and/or wet conditions. Provides safe, one-person lifting of heavy equipment in a variety of work sites. Its lightweight design enables for quick assembly and knockdown. The welded aluminum cranes have adjustable I-beams for an infinite number of span settings, plus 2 adjustable height uprights. Includes 4 position swivel locks for secure placement. Hoist and Trolley available. FOB Shipping Point.

(4)-8" 4 position swivel lock casters standard.
*Usable distance between uprights is overall beam length minus 18".
**Usable trolley travel length is overall beam length minus 24".
Work Area Portable Gantry Cranes

Work Area Portable Gantry Cranes

  • Designed to maximize material handling requirements in light-duty lifting applications.
  • Rugged all-welded steel construction.
Lightweight design allows for easy mobility. Smooth rolling on 4 poly-on-steel swivel casters with brake. Straddle width is 68" and base width is 48". Powder coat finish. Hoist and trolley can be ordered separately. FOB Shipping Point.
Fixed & Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes

Fixed & Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes

  • Capacities to 5 tons. Spans to 20'-0".
  • For use in multiple-stage manufacturing operations, portable or stationary.
Maximizes available space. Can be used beneath other overhead cranes where the building's structure cannot support a longer material handling solution. Portable telescopic - adjustable span and underbeam. Yellow enamel finish. Standard crane includes 4 poly swivel casters. Swivel locks and wheel locks are available. Hoist/Trolley packages with gantry are available - consult dealer. Other capacities available - consult dealer. FOB Shipping Point.

Maximizes available space.
Adjustable Height Ratchet Lever Kit

Adjustable Height Ratchet Lever Kit

  • Can be added to any model 512 gantry crane.
This ratchet lever kit is the complimentary adder to the popular 512 series gantry crane. Crane operator can easily adjust height of gantry crane with the use of a ratchet lever hoist on each leg to raise and lower the gantry crane height. FOB Shipping Point. Retro fit kits are also available for existing adjustable gantry cranes -- consult dealer for pricing.
Stand-Alone LodeRail Work Area Cranes

Stand-Alone LodeRail Work Area Cranes

  • Complete, ready-to-go material handling solution.
  • Complete System
  • Self-Supporting
  • Increased Floor Space
  • Increased Productivity
  • Relocatable/Extendable
  • Ergonomic Benefits
  • Easy To Install
  • Ergonomic
This free-standing crane system reduces injuries and fatigue while increasing productivity with less effort. With a 100:1 productivity ratio an operator can start a 500 pound load moving with 5 pounds of force. Each system includes a bridge, end trucks, hoist-trolley, festoon system for bridge and trolley, runway columns, girders, headers, splices, clamps, hangers, end stops, safety yellow paint and floor anchors. Pre-engineered design makes ordering easy, deliveries fast and installation quick and ...

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Bridge Crane End Truck Kits

Bridge Crane End Truck Kits

Bridge Crane End Truck Kits (both push-type and geared-type) contain all parts needed, except the bridge beam and the trolley stop angles to build underhung, single girder crane bridges in rated loads and spans (center-to-center distance between runway beams). Yellow enamel finish. Consult dealer for geared-type and motorized end truck pricing. FOB Shipping Point.
Push Bridge Crane Kits

Push Bridge Crane Kits

  • Pre-Fabricated: Just Bolt Together and Install
This push bridge crane kit includes everything you need to assemble your own top-running or under hung bridge crane, except trolley and hoist. End trucks, bridge beam with bracing, trolley stops, labels, assembly/installation manual and touch-up spray paint are all included. One year warranty protects your investment. Manufacturer supplies an approval drawing to assure dimensional correctness prior to shipment. Any span up to 24' is available, specify with order. Call for details. Free delivery in continental U.S. for systems weighing over 500 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

*Specify actual dimension with order.
**Based on maximum span.
Convertible Push End Trucks

Convertible Push End Trucks

  • Build your own bridge crane - economically!
  • These push crane end trucks can be used in either top running or underhung applications.
Suitable for spans through 24'. Easy to assemble and install, even for non-crane experts! Complete kit comes with end trucks, rubber bumpers, trolley end stops, bridge beam drilling template, beam size chart and installation/assembly manual. Heavier capacity and motorized systems are available. Call for details. FOB Shipping Point.

Price show are per pairs.
Bridge Crane & Runway Systems

Bridge Crane & Runway Systems

  • Top running.
  • Underhung.
  • Capacities up to 10 ton.
  • With or without runways.
Manual, Motorized or Hand Geared are all available. Bridge crane and runway systems are your solution for versatile material handling. With the capability of moving your material in the three axis, you have the flexibility to transport, pick, or place your material anywhere within your system’s limit. Contact Dealer for pricing. FOB Shipping Point.
Beam Clamp™

Beam Clamps™

Provides an alternative method of securing steelwork and building services equipment to primary steelwork. Clamps new steel in position eliminating the need for drilling and welding while providing a high degree of adjustability. Provides a steelwork connection that is stronger, quicker and easier to install than traditional or competitive methods. FOB Shipping Point.

Specifically engineered for use with Hollow Structural Sections and tubing. BoxBolt™ is an expansion anchor for steel that is used to make connections to structural tube sections easy - especially where access is restricted to one side only.

Secures steel floor plate quickly and easily from one side.