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High Speed Rotary Pump

High Speed Rotary Pump

  • Designed for transferring petroleum fluids.
  • Can empty a 55 gal. drum in less than 2 minutes.
Features a lightweight aluminum body, steel suction tube, polyethylene discharge tube and 2" IPS adjustable bung adapter. FOB Shipping Point.
Ryton Rotary Drum Pump

Ryton Rotary Drum Pump

  • Ryton built pump for dispensing and transfer-pumping aggressive compatible chemicals such as esters, ketones, alcohol, bases and hydrocarbons.
Sturdy hand crank delivers 6 GPM. Includes 1 1/4" x 40" long 3-piece O.D. stainless steel discharge set and 2" chemical resistant coated bung adapter. Viton lip seal and O-rings. FOB Shipping Point.
Polypropylene Rotary Pump

Polypropylene Rotary Pump

  • Polypropylene construction is ideal for most organic acids, waxes, alcohol's and detergents.
  • Self-priming easy turning hand crank delivers 8 GPM.
  • Includes 3 piece 40"L suction tube. FOB Shipping Point.
Oil Pump

Oil Pump

  • Cast iron constructed for dispensing and transfer of pumping fuel oil, lubricating oil, antifreeze and other non-corrosive liquids.
Self-priming, easy turning hand crank delivers 10 GPM. Sliding vane type design has carbon vanes. 1" NPT pipe suction tube. Steel construction tube adjusts 22" - 40" for maximum versatility. FOB Shipping Point.
Easy Action Pumps

Easy Action Pumps

Double Diaphragm Pump
  • Double-action piston pump for durability.
  • Ideal for dispensing gasoline, diesel fuel, and similar petroleum products.
Steel and aluminum, telescoping intake tube from 22" to 39". 3/4" inlet and outlet delivers approx. 1 gal. per ten strokes. Longwearing. FOB Shipping Point.

Polypropylene 55 Gallon Drum Pump
  • Made with FDA approved materials.
  • Ergonomic design and economical performance.
Simply pump a few strokes to pressurize, then dispense precisely controlled amounts with one touch of the tap. Pumps up to 4 GPM. Eliminates VOC’s. Fits 5, 15 , 30, and 55 gallon barrels. FOB Shipping Point.

High Viscosity Pump
  • Pumps 32 oz. per stroke ...
High Volume Transfer Pump (HC20-ELEC, HCPVC-ELEC, HACT16ESS)

High Volume Transfer Pumps

  • Heavy duty transfer pumps handle many non-flammable fluids compatible with pump component materials.
  • Pumps are ready for use - no assembly required.
All pumps include 5' of discharge tubing. For use with acids, alkalies, chlorines, detergents, waxes, etc. Call for chemical compatibility. FOB Shipping Point.
PVC Barrel Pumps

PVC Barrel Pumps

Economical and reliable. Delivers 8 oz. per stroke. Includes 22" polyethylene extension tube and PVC piston. For water and other nonflammable liquids with drip resistant spout. FOB Shipping Point.
PVC Pump
Pumps 22 oz. per stroke for quick and efficient performance. All PVC constructed frame has 38" long pump body so no extension tube is needed. For water and other nonflammable liquids with drip resistant spout. FOB Shipping Point.
Steel Barrel Pumps

Steel Barrel Pumps

Stainless Steel Pump
Ideally suited for acids and corrosive chemicals. 316 stainless steel piston construction with Teflon components for strengthened resistance. Dispenses 8 oz. per stroke. Includes 22" Teflon extension tube and plunger. Delrin bung adapter. Optional pail adapters. FOB Shipping Point.

Steel Pump
Economical and durable pump for use with detergents and other liquids compatible with steel and polyethylene. Efficient 8 oz. per stroke. Comes with 22" polyethylene extension tube and piston. Optional pail adapters. FOB Shipping Point.
Plastic Siphon Pumps

PVC Hand Pump

  • All-purpose hand action pump is ready for a variety of pumping chores.
  • Fits 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums with standard 2" PVC bung adapter.
Rugged design handles up to 22 oz. per stroke and includes 36" discharge hose for the complete package. FOB Shipping Point.
Adjustable Chemical Pumps (H6008)

Adjustable Chemical Pumps

  • Four setting snap-on adapter tube lets you dispense accurate portions with each stroke, without measuring.
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals.
Polypropylene body is excellent for most acids and chemicals, especially where overfilling and underfilling might be dangerous. Prevents dripping with added 360º rotating spout safety feature. Pumps fit 3/4" and 2" bungs. FOB Shipping Point.
Plastic Siphon Pumps

Plastic Siphon Pumps

  • Easy bellow operation...pumps to higher level, siphons to lower level.
  • Compatible with water-based chemicals, mild corrosives, detergents and petroleum based fluids.
  • Durable polyethylene construction. Fits 2" IPS bung in 15, 30 or 55 gal. drums. FOB Shipping Point.
Bulb Siphon Pump

Bulb Siphon Pump

  • Small container transfer pump useful for quick jobs.
  • Fits one-to five-gal. containers without the need for drum taps and funnels.
Furnished with flexible discharge tube and hose hook. Flow rate is 2 GPM. FOB Shipping Point