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Cross-Stack Akro Tubs

Cross-Stack Akro Tubs

  • Rugged, industrial-grade 90º nest and stack tub.
  • Nesting when empty conserves storage space.
Made from durable FDA-approved materials. Extra-thick walls and reinforcing ribs provide superior strength. Smooth surface is easy to clean. Molded-in handles for easy lifting. Stacking grooves allow stable 90º stacks. Compatible with standard 36" W. shelving and conveyor systems. Gary in color. FOB Shipping Point.

Sold in case quantities.
FliPak™ Containers

FliPak™ Containers

  • Stack when closed and nest when empty for storage and distribution efficiency.
  • Hinged covers prevent loss of expensive product.
FliPak™ containers work well with all types of automated equipment and conveying systems. Returnable and reusable for over 250 trips, these containers provide an excellent return on investment. Widely used in industrial, confection, electronics, retail merchandising, pharmaceutical, food service and healthcare applications. Features 1/4" or 3/8" dia. reinforced security holes for security ties or padlocks; quick-release label area on attached hinged cover and ends for easy reading and quick label exchange; pebble-grain bottom and recessed cover within the perimeter of container to protect ...
Heavy Duty Attached Top Containers

Heavy Duty Attached Top Containers & Dollies

  • Strong, reliable and reusable totes.
  • Ideal for storage, distribution and order picking.
Tops are permanently attached with steel hinges that interlock securely for stacking strength. Stack for maximized storage and nest when empty. Textured, non-slip bottom ensures smooth conveying. Ergonomically designed handles allow for easy lifting. Recessed lids ensure maximum load stability. Padlock eye provides security option allowing lids to be fastened and/or locked. Molded from high density, FDA approved polyethylene. Lids close securely to protect pans from dust or damage. Distribution container has an optional 3" x 5" adhesive clear label holder which attaches securely for easy part identification. FOB Shipping Point.

HQDL-2115 - Labels, Per Ctn./24 $31.85.

*Cannot be used with HDLY-2415 Dolly sold.
Attached Lid Containers

Attached Lid Containers

  • These Industrial strength Attached Lid Containers form a reusable, versatile, economical system for order picking, distribution, shipping or storage.
  • Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage.
Durable and economical containers interwork for easy pallet loading. -- they stack one on top of the other when closed, nest when not in use for optimal compact storage. Available in Blue or Gray--please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

Order in carton quantities.
*Available in Gray only.
**100% recyclable - Available in Blue, Gray, Green and Red.
Quantum Cross Stack Tubs

Quantum Cross Stack Tubs

  • FDA approved tote nests when empty or can be turned 90° to stack.
  • Easy access to Items when stacked.
Ideal for production, assembly or order picking. Injection molded from high impact polyethylene - won't crack rust or corrode. Easy to clean and maintain. Built in handles and bottom grooves make handling easy. Handles up to 100 lb. loads. 8-1/4" position drill holes on bottom for drainage. Available in Gray, Blue or White - please specify. FOB Shipping Point
Fiberglass Plexton® Containers

Fiberglass Plexton® Containers, Covers & Dollies

  • Durable 500 lb. load-carrying capacity.
  • Bottom container in a stack supports up to 3000 lbs.
Wire-reinforced rim in Stack-N-Nest containers and uniform .1" wall thickness provides extra strength and durability. Smooth outside surface and radius angles are safe to handle, easy and clean and have no protrusions or sharp edges. Compression molded of high strength reinforced polyester resin - provides stability and capacity to withstand extreme temperatures of - 60º F to +300º F. Ideal for heavy duty storage, work-in process and distribution uses. Consistent tare weights make weighing of parts much easier and quicker. Please specify color - see chart. FOB Shipping Point.
Nest and Stack Totes

Nest and Stack Totes & Lids

  • Heavy-duty industrial grade totes ideal for shipping, transfer, and storage applications.
  • Made of durable high-density polypropylene - will not rust, corrode, or bend out of shape even when fully loaded.
Heavy-duty construction provides a superior service life resulting in lower replacement costs than “budget-priced” totes. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and are resistant to most solvents and chemicals. Available optional lids protect contents from dust and damage. Stackable with or without lids for shipping. When empty and without lids, totes nest for space saving storage. Available in Red, Blue or Gray -- please specify. Gray totes manufactured from FDA-approved materials. FOB Shipping Point.

Order in carton quantities.
Nest & Stack Containers

Nest & Stack Containers

  • Features reinforced composite material for rough and unique applications.
Perfect for assembly line use, conveyors, carrying or storing material or fabricated parts. Design saves valuable space, stack when full, rotate 180º and nest when empty. Molded-in handle areas provide safe ergonomic handles. Easily cleaned in hot water or steam with standard detergents. Standard lids are available - call dealer for quote. Standard colors are Blue, Gray, Green, White, Red, Yellow and Black -- please specify. Additional sizes and colors are available - call for information. FOB Shipping Point.

The material matters in material handling.
Exceptional performance and durability from high strength, glass-reinforced ...
180º Stack and Nest Containers

180º Stack and Nest Containers

  • Perfect for storing or shipping-- nests to save space.
  • An extra strong container that takes plenty of industrial abuse.
Long lasting injection molded polyethylene resists industrial solvent-- temperature resistant from -40ºF to +176ºF. Smooth bottom enables use on roller or belt conveyors. Ribbed top can be used in conjunction with lifting hooks. Available in Blue, Green, Red or Yellow - please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

LID for HFB241610 No. HFBD2416A Price Ea. $14.81
LID for HFB241614 No. HFBD2416S Price Ea. $16.11
Stacking Containers

Stacking Containers & Lid

  • Heavy duty for sturdy load support.
  • Stacks securely and protects contents.
Ideal for forgings, machine parts, stampings, ceramics and other hot parts emerging from molds or processing machines. Impervious to standard cutting oils, greases and solvents. Standard colors are Blue, Gray, Green or White --please specify. Additional sizes and colors are available - call for information. FOB Shipping Point.
Nesting Containers

Nesting Containers

  • Ideal for small machined parts, nuts and bolts, etc.
Perfect for carrying or storing material or fabricated parts. Design saves valuable space, nest when empty. Standard lids are available -- call for quote. Standard colors are Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White and Yellow -- please specify. Additional sizes and colors are available -- call for information. FOB Shipping Point.

The material matters in material handling.
Exceptional performance and durability from high strength, glass-reinforced composites. Dimensionally stable, will not bend or sag under loads.

Note: Quantity discount available.
Stack & Nest Totes (SNTS's)

Stack & Nest Totes (SNTS's) & Lids

  • The ultimate reusable container for storing and shipping.
  • Made of USDA-accepting material that complies with FDA regulations for use in food processing.
High density polypropylene, injection molded for uniform wall thickness and added strength. Lids snap tightly and securely for a safe fit. Quick 180° turn offer space-saving stacking and nesting. Stacks 6 high. Fits 48" x 40" pallets (6 SNT 190, 4 SNT 230 per level). Usable in temperatures from -10° to 250°F. Available in (GY) Gray, (BL) Blue or (RD) Red - please specify. Sold in canon quantities. Optional clear, see-thru Stack and Nest Label Holder (HSNH-010). FOB Shipping Point.

The ULTIMATE re-usable container for storing and shipping.
Polylewton Stack-N Nest Containers

Polylewton Stack-N Nest Containers & Covers

  • Stack with or without covers.
  • Nest at Alternating 180° positions.
Provides maximum space utilization. Ideal in general manufacturing, food processing and distribution uses. Temperature resistant 0°F to 120°F. Easily cleanable and ideal for handling unpack-aged goods. Containers won't rust, rot or corrode. Resistant to the damaging effects of oil, most chemical solvents, water and steam. Uniform container weight. Safe to handle - no sharp edges, burrs or splinters. Maximum 70 lbs. load capacity per container - 300 lbs. stacked. Available in Gray, Red or Blue - please specify. Metal dollies arc available for polylewton® containers. Please contact dealer for price and availability. FOB Shipping Point.
Label Holder

Label Holder

Clear plastic holders attach easily to NST’s with or without the lid in place. Holders accomodate labels up to 3 3/4" x 5". 6 holders per package.

Prices shown are per pkg.
Straight Wall Containers

Straight Wall Containers

  • Durable and reusable containers perfect for shipping, storage, and work-in-process usage.
  • Designed with straight walls to provide efficient internal and external usage of space.
These straight wall containers have smooth inner walls that make cleaning easy and sanitary. The mesh sides allow excellent hot or cold air ventilation. Manufactured from injection-molded high-density polyethylene. Available in 4 sizes and 3 styles. Gray in color. FOB Shipping Point.

Order in carton quantities.
Heavy Duty Straight Wall Stacking Containers

Heavy Duty Straight Wall Stacking Containers & Lids

  • Maximizes work space when used for shipping, storage or work-in progress.
  • Straight wall design allows for modular stacking of all sizes on standard pallet.
Reinforced corners allowing this strong container to hold the heaviest of loads provide greater strength and durability. Injection molded from high-density polyethylene. Handgrips on 2 sides make the container easy to handle and carry. Gray in color. FOB Shipping Point.
Wire Containers

Wire Containers & 4 Spring-Loaded Shelves

  • Available with or without casters and/or spring loaded shelf.
  • Completely collapsible and stackable with or without casters.
Stack up to four high when in use. Features no sharp edges or spiral-wire corners. Electro-zinc plated wire mesh construction to prevent rust, provide visual inventory, and insure air flow - will not chip. Includes heavy-duty solid hinge design and automatic latches. Complete with X Drop Front Gate and reinforced formed wire feet. 5" x 2" polyurethane casters bolted to a welded caster pad for durability. Optional security tops available on most models - contact dealer for details. FOB Shipping Point.
Heavy Duty Parts Baskets

Heavy Duty Parts Baskets

  • All durable baskets feature hemmed channel edge.
Ideal for storing inventory, carrying and cleaning of small parts. Complete with square handle and 2 mesh sizes 0.25" and 0.50". Open mesh construction permits quick and easy drainage. Stackable up to 5 high at 75 lbs. per basket. FOB Shipping Point.

Steel surcharge may apply.